Genesis Be: Exclusive Interview with Zora & Alice Mag! Part 2!

Z&A: In your most recent single, “Precious Beyond Measure,” you tackle the issue of domestic violence. What inspired you to make the song?

I wrote that song after watching a show or documentary about a woman named Susan Stil who was verbally and physically abused by her husband while her children videotaped and sometimes participated in the abuse. The woman was so beautiful to me, she looked like a queen even as she was being thrown across the room and hit. I wish that I could have told her how precious and special she was and that her husband was wrong when he called her stupid and worthless. I wrote that song as I watched it. I added the second verse about how men are kings and should be appreciated a few days after. It’s a huge misconception that men are not abused or are always the abuser. There are wonderful secure men who are given a bad name by men who are insecure.

Read the full article:

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