September 11, 2010 R.I.P

September 11, 2010.

R.I.P to those who perished when the tower fell. May their spirits find peace and let them not have died in vain.

R.I.P to our troops who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, for giving their life, to serve us and our nation. Despite alternative motives of our leadership.

R.I.P to all the innocent children in those countries killed by the unjust war. May they have mercy and forgiveness in their hearts toward us, for letting this happen to them without protest.

R.I.P to the ‘prisoners’ who were tortured, raped, humiliated & killed in Abu Ghraib by our soldiers. An act that the world will not soon forget.

I hope this day can be one of reflection. A day of education. A day of asking the question “Why did this happen?” and a genuine curiosity that will lead to research of corrupt practices by Muslim Leaders, American & British leaders, Palestinian Leaders and Israeli Leaders.

The longer we sit without action, without speaking and without self-reflection, the longer we will allow others to make decisions for us, for our country, that will lead to more American casualties as well as more atrocities around the world.

As Americans, it is our duty to exemplify the concepts of freedom, justice and equality that our nation was founded on, and to stop these ‘so-called’ Americans from giving America a bad name by displaying corruption, mischief and arrogance. Those who perished on 9/11 deserve a moment, our respect and sincerest regret.. and our Government’s/corporation’s deepest apologies… for putting them and us… at risk by their behavior. This not the America I had wished to proudly represent as a child.

Genesis Be

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