OSA Releases New GENESIS BE Music: Laughing at Ya Lames



First Verse
My time to take it, No time for the fakes
No time for a break, no rest no stress,
Aint no contest, gotta let em know who the best,
Case closed, ima let that bass roll,
In the back of the range rove.
Yall know how the game go,
Get a lil bit of bank roll,
Now they jockin jockin jockin,
I stay knockin, Album droppin,
Grippin grain and counta clockin,
Catch me slippin not to often…
Final quarter profit margin,
I’m the one they need, I’m the want want,
I’m the cup to the drink and the weed to the blunt,
coke to the henny, Loading the semi,
While ya’ll pretending, up in the Lambo
I’m in seclusion, never losing, no confusion,
Only movin, towards the top afford the drop
And make sure that my blocks improving!
I bet ya’ll didn’t see this coming huh?
Ya’ll like this sh#! Just wait till the album brah!
Bet I got ya’ll shook a lil bit, now I got the labels lookin for the chick,
But I’m up in the studio, cooking up a hit.

I Aint braggin or boastin’
But you ain’t comin close,
Tell me is ya joking?
Got me Laughin At Ya Lames,
Got me Laughin At Ya Lames (repeat)

Second Verse
Now it’s time for the second (second)
Always leave my block with protection,
No tweet or textin, No phone calls means no detection,
No way of tracing, On the line of the Dixon-Mason,
From the Southside Up, Got em all fired up,
But I’m all tied up in the paper,
No time for haters, I’m laughin at ya lames,
What’s wrong with you, that Auto-Tune is Fu@%in’ up your brain,
They all sound the same, but your not T Pain, No Lil Wayne,
So give it a rest man call it a day,
There’s more to this game than fame.
It seems like everybody wanna be somebody else,
Don’t nobody want to be themselves,
Caught up in the fame and the chains and the wealth,
But I don’t need a dime, I don’t need your help,
It’s Hip, Hip Hop, Hip Hop Anonymous,
Drop the hottest hits, spit these flows all across the continent,
And Nastradamus said that Ima dominate,
He predicted in his scriptures, that I would be the most vicious,
Most ambitious, Flows delicious, Rapper actors act suspicious,
I shows no trust, cross that line at you might get touched,
Sit back relax and light that dutch.

I Aint braggin or boastin’
But you ain’t comin close,
Tell me is ya joking?
Got me Laughin At Ya Lames,
Got me Laughin At Ya Lames (repeat)

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