New Single! “See You At The Top” Genesis Be & NYLE

Produced by JJ Music. Guest vocalist Ebonie Smith

Purchase the full track… Click the pic to get the song!

Lyrics First Verse Genesis Be:

They don’t wanna see a female take that top spot,

They won’t even acknowledge my talent until I’m toppin’ charts,

Push till my heart stops, Never see me sweat,

Spend my life following my dreams and die with no regrets,

And I remember being new to the city,

You put me up on the scene, took me up under your wing,

And Its much appreciated continue to motivate me,

I’m feeling rejuvenated and feeling so focused lately.

Now your video is blowin up, media is showin up,

Remember when them haters try to say you wasn’t cold enough,

They said you’d never make it but forget about them cowards,

I don’t see them workin hard, they ain’t putting in the hours,

I see you makin’ moves doin’ what you supposed to do,

Paparazzi steady flashin like a photobooth,

And I know what your goin through, addicted to the struggle,

No matter what they say we gotta continue to hustle.


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