STRIVE Visits University Of Southern Mississippi!

Sponsored by The Mississippi Department of Mental Health. Strive TIll I Rise visited the University Of Southern Mississippi today. In conjunction with Dr. Adia Winfrey “Dr. Dia” (Jet Magazine, Tom Joyner etc) Genesis Be delivered a live performance and presentation for over 250 educators, social workers, students and Church representatives. The presentation consisted of exploring the progress of Hip Hop pedagogy by referencing work by NYU’s Hip Hop Education Center, Martha Diaz, Marcella Runell, Rabbi Darkside and Flocabulary. As educators nationwide are beginning to explore the use of Hip Hop & Entertainment as a means to educate, empower and motivate the youth, Genesis Be unveils her plans to take Strive Till I Rise region wide beginning with her home state Mississippi. She urged the  participants to “share what you’v seen today” with their individual communities and school boards. She is working on developing Hip Hop curriculum that explores topics like teen pregnancy, drug dealing/abuse, HIV/AIDS, self-worth and more. Genesis Be will be presenting next at Lynn Meadows Discovery Center (Nov 7th)  about understanding “talent, activism and entrepreneurship” to middle school & high school students. Don’t miss Dr.Dia’s next presentation at the 2011 Let’s Get H.Y.P.E Hip Hop Empowerment Training in Atlanta, GA Oct 6 & 7. Keep Striving! To bring STRIVE TILL I RISE to your audience visit Strive Till I!

Genesis Be performs her single “One Wish” (listen here) as the audience put their “ONES UP!”

Author, Dr. Adia Winfrey and Strive Till I Rise co-developer Emily Marie  “Auzriel” Hall.  ( @Auzriel & @DrDia)

@GenesisBe presents an HIV/AIDS Song & Video that uses rap to raise awareness and educate the youth about HIV/AIDS prevention. She also showed her single “Precious Beyond Measure” that explores the topic of Domestic abuse, women who take advantage of men and men who take advantage of women (Respect.)
Genesis Be demonstrates Hip Hop Education by playing a rap song that teaches kids basic addition and math from Flocabulary.


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