Genesis Be Brings Youth Campaign to Gulfport, MS (Pics)

Strive Till I Rise visited Gulfport, MS last night. We had a packed house thanks to the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center. STRIVE founder, Genesis Be, spoke to High School & Middle School kids about identifying problems in our community and how to tackle it. We used music, videos, celebrity testimony and more to reach them. Upon other things, Strive challenged the teens to understand the consequences of taking entertainment too literally and do be skeptical of music, television and media that promotes sexism, racism, drug use and materialism. Genesis Be spoke about plans to launch a STRIVE Gulf Coast Kids CD/DVD which will feature music for kids by kids that will tackle issues that are impacting the Gulf Coast. Kids eagerly yelled out suggestions to Genesis when asked “what topic do you think we should make songs about?” Topics like Teen Pregnancy, drunk driving, STDs, unemployment, better environment practices were some of the popular topics they would like to explore. Strive Till I Rise is aiming to raise $60,000 for the professional production of the Gulf Coast Kids Album, if you would like to make a Tax Deductible Donation for the development of this innovative approach to youth empowerment… Click Here. #KeepStriving

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