Wal-Mart In NYC… YAY OR NAY?

Living in Manhattan for 4 years… I always wondered why there are no ‘Wal-Marts’ in NYC. Here in Mississippi there are more Wal-Marts than Starbucks. The thought of a Wal-Mart in Harlem scares me, there are so many local businesses owned by members of the community that would completely be SHUT DOWN if a Wal-Mart or two came into the picture. That’s the LAST thing Harlem needs…

I have a love hate relationship with Wal-Mart… I’ve seen how local business here on the Gulf Coast were crippled by pop-up Wal-Marts. Then again, when Hurricane Katrina hit us, Wal-Mart did more for citizens than FEMA did in the critical hours after the devastation. It may have just been an ingenious PR move or not, either way they helped a lot. Read about that here.

NYC political leaders will have the final say about Wal-Mart setting up shop… but it will be up to the citizens whether they will shop there or support local businesses instead.

Pic Via Huffington Post. Read Full Article Here.


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