Genesis Be’s XMAS WishList (Gift 5 of 5)

Happy Holidays everybody! Here is my 5th and final X Mas gift which I MUST HAVE. Who ever this guy is, where ever he might be, I need to meet him! He is the closest thing to Peter Griffin, my favorite character of all time. Sexy to say the least… On a serious note…. (continued under the picture of my future husband)

It would mean a lot to me if you could check out these initiatives that I support and believe in. Even if you cannot give at least a dollar… please help to spread the links! That’s not too much to ask is it ole buddy ole pals? Check em out below…

“FIRST” – a production by ANAE (A. Nia Austin-Edwards) featuring guest artists Charly & Margaux, Bong the Genius, Ebonie Smith, Tendayi Kuumba, Sydnie Mosley, Simone Sobers Dance, and many more!….Learn More And Support HERE!

“Women WorldWide Initiative “- The Women Worldwide Initiative is dedicated to holisticsustainableinnovative and high impact programs for women and girls because we believe they need to be empowered today and, most importantly, in the long run. We never stop challenging our Team to find more effective, more cost-efficient, and more creative ideas for programs and projects…. Learn More And Support HERE!

Last but not least… “Strive Till I Rise” a youth empowerment program working toward creating music videos for kids by kids that tackle issues such as bullying, HIV/AIDS, Teen Pregnancy and more…..Learn More And Support HERE!

Thanks in advance loves!

Genesis Be XO

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