My entertainment company Open Sky Artworks just launched promotional services that will help expose up & coming artists.

Utilizing our network of DJs, A&Rs, bloggers, radio hosts and our vast email list, OSA along with the Strive Till I Rise movement will promote young artists. We will allow artists to submit music that will be screened by OSA’s operations team. If chosen, they will have the opportunity to have their music played by club & radio DJs in New York,  Altanta and Los Angelas, played on OSA’s Radio streamed by hundreds of users daily and placed on our affiliate websites and mentioned in our email blasts that reaches hundreds of taste makers, DJs,  A&Rs, publicists, managers and bloggers in New York City.

If you know of an artist who would like to submit music for our review, they can do so HERE.

To kick it off, here is Open Sky Artworks FIRST FEATURED ARTIST “Odie-Lo Degreez

Preston “Odie” Logan was born on December 16th 1988 in Natchez, Mississippi and was raised on the northside of town till he was about 11 then he moved to the southside of town in Lenchwood. When he was in high school he met a couple guys who rapped called themselves the South Side Souljaz so he joined them and started to make songs together and used to record on beat up equipment like a chat mic, an old computer, and broken speakers. Then as time went by they started to learn more about recording and then they started doing their own thing. Then later the group started to split up, some moved and some quit rapping completely, but Odie still raps till this day.

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