NDAA: Hypocrisy, Arrogance or Treason? (Video)

Post vie IshmaelBe.Com
“And now, as the Drums of War are being beaten against Iran, I urge you to be cautious, those of you who are seeing this, because first…. the old adage goes… they came for the Muslims and no one said anything, then they came for the Occupy Protestors and no one said a thing, then they came for the Unemployed and the Under Employed Protestors, and no one said a thing… so I encourage you now to heed the WARNINGS and accept this responsibility and opportunity to once again protect and secure what we have as a Nation, as a People”

“Our Constitutional rights are being chipped away at, whether it is the Patriot Act, or the most recent act of betrayal, the National Defense Authorization Act.

Military Personnel and others throughout the security & defense system of the United States of America has taken an oath, to protect, to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. The Act of the President AND the Congress, who oversaw the implementation, the passing and signing of this Act into law… are they betraying our Constitution? Are they to be considered as domestic enemies?”

-Ishmael Be

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