If Rev. Dr. King Could…

1-15- 6B2019 (2012)
If Rev. King could visit President Obama to discuss poverty
Would he be pleased or disappointed with the administration’s current policy?
If Dr. King could speak to the occupiers of Congress, the mall, Main and Wall St
Would he make consumerism, materialism, vanity, vice and “vulture capitalism” the focus of his speech?
If Rev. King could travel to Jerusalem to advise, promote peace and pray,
Would he recommend a Jim Crow two-state or a democratic one-nation solution as the American way?
If Dr King could examine America’s national, racial, religious, political and economic ego and id,
What would be his diagnosis and what would he prescribe or forbid?
If Rev. King could witness the current drug use, drop-out, teen pregnancy, promiscuity, single-parent household, crime, sentencing, voting, complacency, poverty, profit, tax, deficit, debt, wage, waste and consumption rate
How would he react when he compared 2012 facts, figures and statistics to1968?
If Dr King could meet with politicians, bankers, businesses, the IMF, Federal Reserve, consumers and economists,
Would posterity, environment, wages, prices, profits, austerity, responsibility, individualism, compassion, faith, education, land and opportunity be on his agenda list?
If Rev. King could drive along the boulevard bearing his name
Would he smile with pride or frown with shame?
If Dr King could comment on the NDAA, the Patriot Act and other attacks on the U.S.Constitution today
Would he warn America’s “Joshua generation” to keep our “eyes on the prize” and don’t be led astray?
If Rev. King could preach a sermon to the ninety-nine and one percent class remix
Would he seek unity by referring to Matthew 6: 21-24 while also emphasizing  Matthew 19: 26?
If Dr/Rev King could address the issues that America and the world is now facing
Would he describe a dream being fulfilled or a mirage slowly fading?


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