“Go against instinct, despite Intuition,
Student loan debt, rise in Tuition,
High life of living, Compromise your Religion ,
Divine intervention via Live Ammunition,
Were giving them more money by the minute,
Jersey Shore whores, my Situation is Winning,
Even white people are portrayed as white trash,
Party animals, sex crazed jack asses,
Knoxville style (style) girls gone wild,
Go ask Maury try who’s the father of ya child,
The media runs the nation, along with the corporations,
Even the News Stations are tainted by their persuasion,
So tune it in at 8 o clock,
Isn’t that your favorite slot?
On your sofa watching Oprah,
couch potato, tater tots,
They promote Visuals, of Trifling individuals,
Will lead them to residuals portraying us as criminals EH!”

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