Dude Gives Himself Implants For His Ipod Nano….Ummm…

Some say fashion is pain, and in the case of Dave Hurban, it actually is. Hurban recently implanted magnets in his wrist himself — all for the ability to wear his trusty iPod Nano like a watch without having to sport a wristband. What motivated him to do it? “I just thought it would be cool,” Hurban said in an interview with Digital Trends. To turn himself into a human iPod dock, Hurban had to make four incisions on his wrist, where he inserted small magnets. After a little bit of blood and some healing, the magnets, for all intents and purposes, are now a permanent part of his wrist. Hurban calls this creation iDermal. The magnets are placed specifically to hold on to the four corners of the Nano. When he wants to wear his iPod Nano as a watch, all he has to do is hold the player close to his wrist and the magnets grab hold of the player and attach it to his body. While designed specifically to be used with an iPod Nano, we can’t help but think that the magnets might also grab hold of other unwanted metal items like pocket change, kitchen utensils or car keys. Check out the video below for a look at how Hurban inserted the magnets under his skin and the finished product. What do you think of iDermal? Would you consider an implant like magnets in the name of one of your gadgets? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Watch Video Here. On Mashable.com


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