Dude Turns His Dead Cat Into A Helicopter… Awesome…


Is the “Orvillecopter” — a four-propellered remote-controlled dead cat assembled by Dutch artist Bart Jansen and currently on display the Kunstrai art festival in Amsterdam — a thoughtful tribute to Jansen’s late cat, a jaded grab at attention beyond the insular art world, a biting indictment of U.S. military drone policy … or just gross?

The kitty copter currently burning up the Internet is “half cat, half machine,” Jansen said in a SkyNews interview. Orville the deceased cat, himself named for aviation pioneer Orville Wright, was hit by a car, Jansen said. “After a period of mourning, he received his propellers posthumously.”

While Americans may be as surprised as Orville appears to be, as he soars around, spread-eagled, the repurposing of dead pets isn’t unusual outside the United States.

“This is sort of a European flavor of art making,” explained a bemused Paddy Johnson when I asked the well-known art blogger WTF in a phone interview. Artists outside the United States have a history of finding new uses for expired household pets, Johnson went on to explain. That this dead cat can also fly, however, is somewhat new.


Read more and watch video HERE at MSNBC.com

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