Romney Bus Taunts Obama Supporters At Event

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Republican nominee Mitt Romney’s guerrilla tactics continued Thursday, as the campaign bus circled the venue where President Barack Obama will be speaking this afternoon.

As it passed the assembled throngs of supporters awaiting entry to the event at Cuyahoga Community College, the bus honked its horn dozens of times, before circling around to do it again. Obama supporters jeered and booed each time the bus passed the line outside of the security screening area.

The Romney campaign has routinely deployed aides to infiltrate events featuring Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, who wait online like regular supporters, but once inside spin the media live.

Romney traveling press secretary continued the taunting on Twitter:

The Romney bus is now circling the event space and honking. Obama supporters in line jeer.

@ZekeJMiller Maybe Anna Wintour will design a scarf to muffle the sound.

An Obama campaign aide responded to the Romney effort saying “that’s not our style,” adding “campaigns are a reflection of the candidate.”

A source sends along this report, that the Democratic National Committee will deploy truth teams to cities along the Romney bus tour this weekend:

As reported on Fox: sources say DNC will deploy “truth telling teams” to events in each city Romney will visit on his bus tour

Obama spokeswoman Lis Smith called the Romney tactics “juvenile”:

More juvenile tactics frm Romney RT @pemalevy Romney camp making sure all Obama speech attendees 2day vote 4

Via Buzzfeed

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