VIDEO: School For Special Needs Children Tortures Boy. Leaves Him Brain Damaged (Please Sign Petition)


Yes people. This is happening RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA. WARNING: This video shows the young man being shocked and restrained. Do not watch if you are faint of heart.

Please see http://www.Change.Org/JRC for Cheryl McCollin’s petition for Massachusetts residents, and Change.Org/Shock for my petition that still needs 7000 signatures to reach our goal of 250K signatures. We have only days before MA votes whether to ban shocks & torture, & MA legislature has received over 200 letters from misinformed family members saying that shocks are the only thing that works. Support Amendment #548 to ban torture of students with disabilities in Massachusetts. The MA House of Representatives led by House Speaker Robert DeLeo has continually stopped many efforts by the MA Senate to ban these torturous procedures for years, and if we don’t call and write, this will happen again! is a website with all of the details.

MA Conference Committee deciding on whether to vote in Amendment #548 that bans electric shocks:
Rep. Brian Dempsey 617-722-2990
Rep. Stephen Kulik 617-722-2847
Rep. Viriato Manuel deMacedo 617-722-2390
Sen. Stephen M. Brewer 617-722-1540
Sen. Jennifer Flanagan 617-722-1230
Sen. Michael Knapik 617-722-1415


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