“Distant Star”


“Distant Star”

two worlds apart

you found your way into mine
i wasnt looking for what i found that day
my anticipation is greater than the Colossus of….Rome.
but my HEART was not built in a day
it took nine months to build its strength
25 years to test its limits
it took you nine hours
to conquer it
im constantly at war
but i offer you a truce
wrap yourself in my white flag
feel my pain my passion my ambitions
and accept them as your own
i hear you laugh and my spirit smiles
to know you is my pleasure
to own you is my goal
does that sound selfish?
so self centered.. that i want you as my center… my sun.
orbiting around you… worshipping your shine. and chasing you by night
cruel fate has it
that you cast your light upon another
while i stare from a distance
deflecting the dull orbs that throw themselves into my atmosphere
our universes… uniting as one.
is my perpetual fantasy.
To get lost in each others’ terrain
exploring every mountain and cave
indulging in each others fruit
I found a friend in this wilderness
my heart is hollow, but my soul is overflowing, 
you may drink from either one
Have you ever set yourself up for failure?
Like enthusiastically pushing a boulder uphill
knowing it would crush you inevitably? 
My knees weaken
Hope is such a powerful thing
I say HOPE not LOVE
Because LOVE is but a word that describes the indescribable
Then again, to attempt the impossible…
Is what I LIVE for.
I guess i’ll start by scribbling these WORDS…
on THIS napkin.
-Genesis Be

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