Man Thrown Back in Jail After Refusing to Leave


In his first hours of freedom following a two-month stint behind bars, a North Carolina man didn’t even make it past the jail grounds before getting thrown back in.

Rockingham County Sheriff’s Offi

Rodney Dwayne Valentine faces 75 more days in jail for trespassing after refusing to leave.


Rodney Dwayne Valentine, 37, who has no permanent address, had been in Rockingham County jail since May 22 for injury to personal property, Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Kevin Suthard said. 


He was released last Saturday around 8 a.m. but stuck around for five hours arguing with officers, insisting they drive him to a motel. They refused.


“We can’t transport everybody that gets out of jail,” Suthard told NBC News.


Valentine was charged with second-degree trespassing and is being held on $500 bail. He could face up to 75 more days in jail and a fine. 


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