Genesis Be Releases New Single “Tampons & Tylenol” [Free Download!]

Tampons & TylenolBE


Artist Statement: Genesis Be writes:
A man who fears a woman’s power is no man at all. A real man embraces a woman’s power be it intellectual or sexual, he is not threatened because he understands how it compliments his own power. A real man doesn’t demean OR degrade a woman in order to make himself feel powerful. Men who feel powerless in society or in their relationship are usually the ones who want to degrade women to make themselves feel better. Period.

The first verse starts off like your average rap song you hear on top radio stations today, I’m objectifying a woman. I speak about her body parts… in detail and how she dances to my song. Towards the end of the verse I begin to explore other facets of the same woman, painting a picture of an ambitious intelligent hustler…”She work two jobs, goes to Class, Poppin’ Tags.. Shoppin’ bags, she a BOSS” In the same verse, I warn the weak man that he may get lost if he fails to understand the power of the woman, if he only focuses on her sex appeal… he can and will be played. “If P**SY is a WEAPON then shawty got that ATOMIC” In this line I’m basically comparing a woman’s sexual power to the most powerful weapon known to man. Self explanatory. BOOOOM!

In the second verse I’m simply speaking about how ILL I am at what I do as an emcee. I’m talking about the same old cliché shit, groupies, ice, money, Rolex and cars. Just basically snapping out and showing off, proving that as a woman I can easily out rap the next… effortlessly.

As for the chorus, I was out and about in Harlem a few weeks back with my friend Emily. I was in a drug store looking for tampons and pain relievers. I was frustrated that they weren’t in the same isle and I could not find them quickly. The clerk asked what I needed and I started singing “Tampons & Tylenol, Tampons & Tylenol pleassssse” lol.

Verse 1:
When she hear this song, make her body wiggle,
Bouncin’ it with both sets, call it double dribble (double what?)
She bite sized, he wanna nibble,
Boys feinin’ in between that Malcolm in the Middle
He on it, pass that Gin and Tonic
Got him where she want him, shawty sicker than bubonic
Read her like a comic, body so iconic,
If Pussy is a weapon then shawty got that Atomic (Boom)
She got alot of ass, but also got alot of class,
Work two jobs, goes to class… poppin’ tags.. shoppin bags,
She a BOSS, you might get lost,
You be on your basic grind…
Baby got them boys droppin dimes like they’re facing time


Tampons & Tylenol (I got my)
Tampons & Tylenol (She got her)
Tampons & Tylenol (We Got our)

Verse 2:

We be hittin hard, Make your speakers bust,
If money is the motivation, groupies are a plus,
Knock em down, they call me a clutz,
Me without the swag is like pizza without the crust (CRUNCH)
Don’t give a fuck about the price,
I shine without a name brand i’m cold without no ice, (BURRR)
These boys don’t wanna battle cause they heard i’m super nice,
I keep the dj scratchin like they got the pubic lice (Ewllll)
Too much swag for my own dam good
They say i’m too wild for my own dam hood
You would be just like me if you could,
Cross that line bish wish you would,
I came too far not giving it up, hop on stage and im ripping it up
Bass in the back with the windows up, i’m livin that life not givin’ a fuck..
What? I heard it through the grapevine, haters tryna take mine
Keep it on the waste line, I don’t like to waste time,
No need for a ROLEX, rather spend my money on some Tylenol & KOTEX


Tampons & Tylenol (I got my)
Tampons & Tylenol (She got her)
Tampons & Tylenol (We Got our)

We make them speakers bleed, I think they need a Tampon
Pockets so bloated that I think they need a Tampon
He actin’ like a bitch so i guess he need a Tampon
They say my flows heavy so I guess it need a Tampon

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