Exclusive Interview w/ GENESIS BE: “Hip-Hop’s War on Women” Maxim Hygiene’s Fierce Woman

Read Exclusive Interview HERE . Written by Komal Garewal.


How powerful does having a vagina make us? True, we can make men fall to their knees at just the hint of sex, but as women, we’re still battered by what the Daily Beast calls, “hip-hop’s war on women.”

The music industry has predominately been male dominated and littered with misogynistic rappers, but in the past several years, the prevalence of female artists is rising.

From Lil Kim to Beyonce and Nicki Minaj, women are beginning to assert themselves and reclaim a power over their identities and relationships to men. Where does this power come from? Their pussies.



Maxim’s Fierce Woman of July, Genesis Be, an up and coming young, female artist states that, “A woman’s vagina can be a tool for mass creation or a weapon of mass destruction. It is the choice of the woman [and] men should be aware of it and act accordingly.”


Acknowledging the link between a woman’s body and her power is allowing female artists to change how gender roles have traditionally been defined in the industry. Genesis Be, who comes from a family of advocates, not only contributes lyrically to this revolution (through one of our favorite songs of hers – Tampons & Tylenol), but she also supports upcoming female artists through an organization she founded called Open Sky Artworks.

We had a chance to interview the captivating artist; here are some of her fiercest opinions.

As a hip hop artist, you have a unique influence over your listeners and the music industry in general. What are the top three social causes you support in your music and why?

Empowering young men to be their own celebrities rather than looking to these clowns as role models. Or encouraging young girls to know how much power they hold and how much respect they deserve. And how to command attention using traits other than looks.

“The measure of a woman doesn’t lie within appearance/ It lies within her spirit/ If you listen you can hear it” I say in my song “Precious Beyond Measure.” I’m really big on respecting one another, I think as women we need to respect our men more and vice versa “If you meet a King, let him know why he’s on the throne.” So respect within relationships, whether heterosexual or not, is a huge deal for me.

Do you have any musical role models?

I’ve always looked up to Alicia Keys & Missy Elliot. It says a lot when a gorgeous woman chooses not to rely on their body or beauty to gain exposure as an artist.

I love Missy because she talks about sex in her lyrics in a way that is refreshing and not demeaning… even comical at times! As women I don’t think we should shy away from sex in our content, but it IS important not to use it as a crutch to sell records.

In your song Tampons & Tylenol, you seem to be redefining/negating some of the negative stereotypes of women. You position the feminine body as powerful by saying, “pussy is a weapon.” What is the overall message behind this song?

It’s basically a warning to the men out there who believe these weak ass rappers who demean women and dismiss them as sexual objects. BEWARE and RESPECT the sexual power of a woman. It can be the most beautiful thing you encounter if you respect her and cherish her or it can enslave you.

Do you support efforts to go green/ organic?

I think that it’s our responsibility as humans living on Earth, to take care of ourselves, our children and our planet as much as possible. With the technology and knowledge we have about our environment, there is no excuse to NOT support the green movement. Gradually we are moving away from chemical/synthetic means of production and replacing our methods with more sustainable, healthy strategies.

It’s a spiritual struggle to eschew detrimental practices that our profit seeking society has embedded into us since children. But we have to promote practices that will make our society “inheritable” for the next generation… as my father Ishmael would say in his book “Espylacopa.”

At Maxim Hygiene, we define a fierce woman as a “glorious female creature whose idea of beauty is hinged upon the idea that she can change the world with each choice & each moment.” Who in your life is a Fierce Woman and why?

I didn’t realize it until I was older and away from home, but my mother Lisa is one the fiercest women I know. She served 20 years in the army working as a nurse, helping other people, completing college degrees while balancing 3 children and a husband… and we were ALL a hand full lol. I love that woman. She’s very humble and soft spoken yet will hold her own in any situation. No bark, big bite.

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