Chris Brown Faces Jail Time After Hit & Run Incident

<> at BET Studios on April 1, 2013 in New York City.


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Los Angeles (CNN) — Two charges against Chris Brown were dropped Tuesday, but the singer is still accused of hit and run after a minor traffic crash.

Brown’s lawyer entered a not guilty plea on his behalf and a judge ordered him to show up at a sheriff’s station within a week to be officially booked on the charge, according to a court spokesman.


Chris Brown defends himself on Twitter

The prosecutor dismissed charges of driving without a license and driving without proof of insurance during a hearing Tuesday in a Van Nuys, California, court.

Brown allegedly sped away from the accident scene in May after a confrontation with the driver of another car, having refusing to provide his name, driver’s license and insurance information.

The hit and run charge threatens Brown’s freedom since it led a judge to revoke his probation last week in connection with his conviction in the beating of his girlfriend, Rihanna. The judge allowed Brown to remain free until a trial is held.

A Brown representative said last week that the singer expected all of the charges to be dropped and probation reinstated this week.

Brown, 24, was already facing a probation violation trial after prosecutors accused him of not completing the community labor ordered for his 2009 felony assault conviction.

Brown was ordered to return to court on August 16 for a hearing to set a trial date to determine if the probation revocation will stand. If it does, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge James Brandlin could order Brown to jail to serve part of the original five-year jail sentence imposed for the attack on Rihanna.

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