Features Genesis Be! (Lyricist Proves that a Woman Has Staying Power in the Music Industry)

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“I know Genesis Be – vicariously through social media, articles and constantly bobbing my head at my desk while listening to her long list of hits that she has produced over the years. When I finally got to meet her face to face, I was in awe at how humble and down to earth she is. 

Genesis Be was raised in the deep south – Mississippi to be exact and she brings her real life experiences to life with her music. She addresses political issues, relationships, and having a good time with each hit she produces. As a self-made woman, you will not find her waiting on others to make things happen with her career. Instead, you will see her making the phone calls, editing the videos, writing the lyrics, and coordinating a team of people to make her vision come to life! 

She is the perfect example of who aspiring artists need to pattern their work ethic after when considering “being famous” or “getting big” in the music industry. It takes work and years of it. It takes knowledge, which cannot be learned overnight. It takes believing in yourself and making the best decisions for your career. Genesis Be embodies all of these qualities as an artist and as a person. 

I describe Genesis Be’s music as hip hop loosely. You can hear influences from pop, rock and even some classical elements, but not in a literal way. Her lyrical style is clear, concise and provides interesting anecdotes through word play. The waves of the rhythms produced gives you an orgasmic ride as you put each song on repeat. She has perfected her sound to one that is uniquely hers. 

If you would like to experience Genesis Be, you can visit any of the following pages and the gates will be open wide for you! I must warn you – she is addictive. 

Facebook: GenesisBeMusic 
iTunes: Genesis Be 
Instagram: GenesisBe (since we all want to know what is going on day to day with our favorite people) 

Look for her newest album, Genesequa, in the near future. “

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