How Does Yahoo’s New Logo Stack Up To Other Polarizing Redesigns?


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Yahoo unveiled its new logo early Thursday morning, following a month-long process revealing a new potential logo each day. It’s not the first company to tinker with its logo, and it won’t be the last.

New logos are frequently met with resistance from the public. Gap GPS -0.64%, Tropicana, Pepsi–they’ve all faced backlash, in some cases, severe, from people who fancied themselves proprietors of their beloved, or at least accepted, marks. Tropicana and Gap reverted to their original logos after public outcry. Pepsi’s most recent logo revamp a few years ago created a stir in more ways than one. Wendy’s recently implemented a logo refresh, only to be met with suspicion of a subliminal message.

“A logo is one small element of a company’s brand identity, but all too often it gets 100% of the focus,” said David Airey, brand identity designer. “There’s less resistance when context is shared and when it’s clear the new symbol or wordmark means more than applying a touch of lipstick.”

To be sure, many companies are constantly tweaking their logos, and the subtle changes aren’t always obvious. Banana Republic’s logo, for example, has morphed through the decades. (Remember the safari-themed look of Gap’s sister brand in the 80s?)

Often the logo revamp is meant to reflect company evolution, as in the case of software-based video-communications company Polycom. And that reportedly is the case with Yahoo, as it continues to transform as a business.

Here, then, is a look at some of the more attention-getting logo redesigns of the past decade:

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