People Not Things

Most of these paintings are from my series “People Not Things”. This series examines human behavior through the contrasted lens of the “Jinn”, our cosmic counterparts. All of the humans depicted wear hats and are often separated by ledges and barriers that they have created or that they have imagined.  The “Jinn” see People with no gender, no race or political allegiance… nor do they see any other labels that we ascribe to one another. The emotions and behaviors of the humans reflect our growing exclusion from one another along with our thirst to be closer to each other… all made possible by material objects, technology and our inability to recognize the significance of People… Not Things.

Other pieces include painted portraits of people or altered photographs dictated or directed by my perspective. Each explores my own notions of human connection, ownership, mystery, meditation and muses.


“Our Backs To Aleppo” #PeopleNotThings

20″ x 30″

Acrylic Paint | Water Colors


“The Lonely Collective” #PeopleNotThings

24″ by 36″

Oil Paint & Pastels | Nov 2016



“Leap Of Faith” #PeopleNotThings

24″ x 30″
Oil Paint



“The Amorous Tribe” #PeopleNotThings

24″ by 48″

Oil Paint | Pastels





Photograph & Digital Illustration

Muse: Cassandra Bowser. Photo taken by @AvantGrant.

Dictated & designed by Genesis Be


Oil Paint


Large Piece


Oil Paint

“Steamed Latte:

Black Canvas 24″ x 24″image

“EVOL & Hip-Hop”

14″ x 18″ Acrylic Primed Canvas
Pastels, oil paint, color pencil & water color, chalk & crayon.

ARTIST Statement:

The young brown body still clings to the bottle and the money, even in death unable to let go of the materialistic and addiction ridden mentality… values ingrained in him since childhood by the MTVs, BETs, FOXs, CNNs & VIACOMs. By his own family and peers.

The whole World watches, laughs, points… drooling over the potential profits that will be made during the life long cultivation of the brown body’s image, creativity & genius / ignorance. Oh the jokes that are made, worldwide… about the black body and his antics. He is indeed a WorldStar. #Famous

The eye of the ancestors stare blankly as the mother cries for her child. Her children. Ashamed of the greed that consumes them… the obedience to the cycle. “you ain’t shit black boy, less you got bitches. You AIN’T SHIT, less you poppin bottles. GET THAT MONEY BLACK BOY. Or else you AIN’T SHIT” The crowd yells… white faces, yellow faces… black faces all alike. Boys of all colors soon follow the trend of the brown body. The plot thickens… A once great tree that brought forth an outlet for its’ creators, an abundance of creativity, an outlet for the urban intellectual, a vehicle for the storytellers of the forgotten places… the places that Middle America would never look at or even dare to venture into… The tree is now withered, and ropes are tied to the weakening branches… what hangs from it… Our Strange Fruit, for the World to see. The image of the young brown body… and his antics.


by Genesis Be




Part 1: Collaborative piece between photographer Rae Maxwell & Genesis Be.

Photography. Graphic Design. Photoshop


“Carnal Knowledge” #NoLedge

18″ by 18″
100% Cotton Canvas
Pastels | Watercolor


“Stare Down”

8″ by 10″
Black Canvas
Pastels / Chalk


“Dead Peace”

Part 2 : Collaborative piece between photographer Rae Maxwell & Genesis Be.

Photography. Graphic Design. Photoshop


“Exo Metro” short for “Exodus Metropolis”
14″ x 18″
Oil Paint. Colored Pencil
Acrylic Primed Canvas


“Apple of My Sky”

8″ x 10″ canvas
Acrylic Primed
Oil Paint


“Tragic Fame”

Part 3: Collaborative piece between photographer Rae Maxwell & Genesis Be.

Photography. Graphic Design. Photoshop


Constant Christmas

24″ by 36″ Acrylic Paint. Multimedia graphic Design


Blue Christmas

24″ by 36″ Acrylic Paint. Multimedia graphic Design


Red Christmas

24″ by 36″ Acrylic Paint. Primed Canvas